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The Institute for Consecrated Life in Asia (ICLA) is an academic-formative community of higher learning in doing Theology, lived spirituality and mission, and serving a multicultural student population (Religious, Lay leaders and ministers, and Priests) from emergent churches, particularly in Asia.  Faithful to its Christian identity and evangelizing mission, it is equally concerned with the integral well-being of its partners and stakeholders (administrators, faculty and staff).



The Institute provides academic-formative programs focused on discipleship through different forms of Christian life for Religious, Lay leaders and ministers, and Priests.  Rooted in the living tradition of the Church and in dialogue with Asian cultures, spiritualities and the poor, it​

  • educates for competent service in the Church through theological reflection, formation and accompaniment, missionary skills, and community building;

  • promotes a deep sense of vocation and commitment to mission in a multicultural environment;

  • seeks to form its students in gospel values expressed through compassionate service and friendship with the marginalized;

  • explores one's relationship with humanity and the rest of Creation in mutual respect, and actively practices ecological stewardship; and

  • fosters openness to the transforming power of the Spirit of God through lived spirituality.

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    Welcome to ICLA    



The Second Vatican Council (1962 - 1965) called for the renewal of religious Life. Urged by the need for a systematic and in-depth theological reflection that must accompany the process of renewal, the Claretian Missionaries founded, shortly after the Council, the Instituto Teológico de Vida Religiosa (Madrid, Spain) and the Instituto di Teologia Della Vita Consecrata (Rome, Italy).

During the Assembly of the General Government of the Claretians with the Major Superiors of the Congregation, held in Rome in October 1992, the Plan of Action for the subsequent five years was presented.  The General Government proposed the establishment of a Center for Higher Studies in Asia. The proposal was overwhelmingly approved by the Assembly.

In February 1993, on his visit to India, the Superior General, Fr. Aquilino Bocos, CMF, convoked a meeting of all Major Organisms of Asia to discern the concrete ways to implement the Project. The following consensus was reached:

  • the Center would serve the Consecrated Life in Asia;

  • the Center would be established in Manila;

  • the Center would be a shared responsibility by all the Claretian Major Organisms of Asia

In November 1993, the General Government appointed Fr. Domingo Moraleda, CMF to be in charge of the Project.

Officially known as the Institute for Consecrated Life in Asia (ICLA), it was officially inaugurated on June 14, 1997 by Cardinal Jaime Sin (then, the Archbishop of Manila), Archbishop Orlando Quevedo, OMI (then, the President of the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines), and Fr. Rolando dela Rosa, OP (then, the Rector Magnificus of the Pontifical University of Santo Tomas).

Classes under the degree program - Theology of Consecrated Life - started in the Academic Year 1997-1998.  The first batch of students came from eleven countries.



ICLA has published the following in 2019 and 2020:

1. Religious Life Asia - a quarterly publication of relevant and insightful articles that promote a deep sense of vocation and commitment to mission, that fosters openness to the transforming power of the Spirit of God through lived spirituality, and that leads to a “rediscovery of God’s word in the life of the Church as a wellspring of constant renewal” (Verbum Domini, n.1).

  • 2019

    • First Quarter - “Discernment for Mission in Religious Life ”​

    • Second Quarter - “Journeying with Today’s Young People as the Church of the Present”

    • Third Quarter - “Christian Spiritual Life in Crisis, Struggles, Transitions and Faithfulness”

    • Fourth Quarter - “Mission Continues in All Places at All Times”

  • 2020

    • First Quarter - “Consecrated Life Today in :”A Church Buffeted by Strong Winds and Tempests"

    • Second Quarter - “The CSA Virus and Some Ethical Internet Issues”

2. Books - occasional publications mainly on topics and issues related to Consecrated Life, Spirituality, Missiology, and Biblical Ministry.

  • “Social Engagement as Being “Salt of the Earth”: Mission Imperative for the Secular Institutes”

        - Fr. Joachim,Nguyen Huu Van

  • “Life of Dialogue Initiatives: A Souce book on OFM Mindanao Mission” 

       - Fr. Prisco A. Cajes, OFM

3. Monographs – occasional publications on various topics and issues, most of which are related to Evangelization, Pastoral Ministry, Consecrated Life, Spirituality, Missiology, and Biblical Ministry.


  • ICLA Monograph #16 - “Wake Up the World!”: Religious Life as a Prophetic Presence in the Church and in the World authored by Fr. Samuel H. Canilang, CMF – Director of ICLA and one of the professors

  • ICLA Monograph #17 - New Wine in New Wineskins – Consecrated Life: Re-examined and Re-envisioned by Cardinal João Braz de Aviz and Archbishop José Rodriguez Carballo, OFM. It was edited and translated by Fr. Samuel H. Canilang, CMF 

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