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HOGAR – Isang Paanyaya

Written by: Sr. Eden, SSpS (November 25, 2022)

English translation by: Ms. Baby Ramirez, ICLA Special Projects

Sr. Eden belongs to the Missionary Congregation of the Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSpS). Last November 21 to 29, 2022, she and eight other senior sisters of the congregation stayed at the Hermitage and Organic Gardens (HOGAR) in Tanay, Rizal, for their retreat facilitated by Fr. Sammy Canilang, CMF.

The encounter of the place in its serene beauty enticed the poet to write this poem, describing what the place means for her and inviting the reader to experience the same

HOGAR: Tahanan, Tagpuan!

LUMIKHA’y nag-aanyaya;

Sa KANYA magpaubaya.

Halina at damhin SIYA!

Payak, datapwa’t sagana;

Kung ano lang mahalaga,

Kalikasan sapat siya

Sa pagal na kaluluwa.

Kinang: tuklasin sa dilim.

Bulong Nya’y: dinggin sa himbing.

Haplos ng Hangin may aliw:

Mula langit dulot mandin.

Patak sa tigang na lupa

Umusbong bungang sagana.

Sinumang kapos at dukha

Sa ani Nya pinagpala.

HOGAR: Tahanan, Tagpuan!

HALINA – dalawin siya!

(A translation)

HOGAR – An Invitation

HOGAR: Home, Rendezvous!

The CREATOR beckons;

Surrender to HER.

Come and feel HER!

Simple, yet bountiful;

Whatever is essential,

Nature is enough

For the weary soul.

Discover splendor in the darkness,

Listen to her whisper in one’s slumber.

Take pleasure in the caress of the Wind:

From the skies it comes.

A drop (of water) on the parched soil

From it fruits spring forth abundantly

The needy who lacks

By her harvest will be blessed.

HOGAR: Home, Rendezvous!

COME – visit her!.

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